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The Restaurant

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Casa Playa Cafe - have fun with your family or friends on one of the coolest hang out place in Jumeirah. Known for its great location, food and flavourful sheesha's


  • Lebanese, Italian and International cuisine
  • Largest A/C outdoor cafe in Dubai
  • Air Conditioned outdoor setup
  • VIP Chalets for families
  • Live Entertainment
  • Wi-Fi available
  • Valet parking
  • Good place to host parties, meetings, and conferences
  • Casual bean bag setup on weekends

One of Jumeirah’s most established and a popular hangout, Casa Playa Café is a vibrant venue always bustling with activity with its relaxed settings. It makes an ideal place to have a casual sit down meal or just simply hang out with friends.

An experience, not only to be enjoyed in weekends, but at any time time throughout the week, whenever you need to lift your spirit or just chill out a bit, Casa Playa Café is your home away from home. Therefore, the name 'Casa' had to be given as the word casa originally means 'Home' in Latin. We look forward to welcoming you!

The discovery of fire changed the way humans eat in more ways than one; its heat added new flavors to meals, while its light allowed obnoxious eyes to horn in on the mouth's enjoyment of those flavors.

At Casa Playa Café, take pleasure in choosing a meal from a smorgasbord of dishes, each on as delectable as the next. Choose one that catches your fancy from an array of Lebanese, Italian and International cuisine. Groupies can avail of this deal for a date or for a celebration with the whole family. Guests will be given an aromatic experience on lunch hours as complimentary sheesha will be available. They can also surf the net while dining as Wi-Fi is available in the café or settle for a casual meal with bean bag set up on weekends.

It’s a combination of a cafe and a restaurant. It introduces a very unique concept of reflecting modern and multifaceted life in UAE, thus it adapts to all diverse environments, nationalities and cultures. It is an international cuisine you can experience and enjoy at CASA Cafe.